International Media and Society Symposium

Exhibition Theme


İstinye University Faculty of Communication will organize an Online Visual Arts Exhibition under the title 'Speculative' within the scope of the 4th Media and Society Symposium between 8 May and 8 October 2024. The exhibition will be open to general submissions to artists and designers and feature works by national and international invited artists. The collection is available to artworks that can be exhibited digitally, regardless of technique. Speculative design aims to imagine the next 10, 20, 50, or even 100 years from now by completely breaking away from the current, going one step further from today's knowledge and technologies. In a period where technological and sociological transformation progresses exponentially, the future has become more unknown and uncertain. The Latin roots of the word 'speculative' mean to look, investigate, and examine. The English words 'spy' (agent), 'species' (unknown species), or 'suspicious' (suspicious) are also derived from the same root: to look, to take a closer look, and to draw an idea 'for the next period' by examining. The fact that these ideas belong to the future period is called speculation. In this context, directing the current events for specific interests is called speculation. The areas where speculative design continues to work today are as follows: Cultural criticism, identity formation or conflicts, integration of different cultural identities, similarities and differences of social life forms, alternative political systems, health, security, environmental issues, types of life in or outside the world, biological environments, vital characteristics of species, adaptation and flexibility, efficiency, productivity, examination and sharing of experiences, review of the quality factor in every climate, information, education, communication, increasing the total quality of life. In this context, the concept of 'Speculative' was chosen as the theme of our exhibition..

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