International Media and Society Symposium

Symposium Theme and Main Titles


The 3rd International Media and Society Symposium aims to create an interdisciplinary discussion platform that deals with theory and practice in media studies with its invited and invited participants. It is open to submissions from various fields within a wide scope. The symposium themed "Digital Culture" will create an international platform for the development of research in the field of digital media, promote acceptance and understanding of the wide variety of methods, approaches and paradigms that make up digital-based research, explore research methodologies used in the digital space, digital spaces and media research methods and analytical To conduct research that can synthesize between approaches, to provide an academic environment for in-depth research of various approaches, methods, themes and digital phenomena, to make researches in social, economic and cultural fields visible in connection with digital media, to contribute to the formation of visual literacy awareness in traditional and digital media. being carried out. In addition to academic researchers, experts such as artists, curators, designers, cinema and media professionals who research and study the applications of digital technologies in creative processes are invited to share their current studies, production processes, case studies, research and experiences in the field. Apart from the academic presentation format, the symposium is open to other creative presentation formats that will enable the content to be shared in the most effective way. Within the scope of the symposium, visual studies can be discussed in relation to the following topics:
• Digital Culture and Architecture
• Digital Culture and Space
• Digital Gaming Culture
• Cultural Heritage in the Digital World
• Digital Prison "Digital Panopticon"
• Digitization and Memory
• Digitization and Transformation of Space
• Digital Identity
• New Memory Spaces (New Memory Technologies)
• Media Archeology
• Digitalization and Virtual Communities (Communities)
• Digital Culture and Social Media
• Digital Experience
• Digital Culture and Society
• Digital Media Literacy
• Digital Nationalism
• Digital Transformation of Public Diplomacy
• Digital Culture and Women
• Digital Art(s)
• Digital Visual/Photo Algorithm
• Genealogies of the virtual
• Digital Communication Technologies and Hacktivism
• Information War
• Political Economy of Digital Cultural Production
• Intellectual Property Rights of Digital Production
• Solidification
• Digital Economy
• Digital Inclusion / Inclusion
• Digital Inequalities
Abstract Submission