International Media and Society Symposium

Theme and Main Topics


The 2nd International Media and Society Symposium intends to become an interdisciplinary discussion platform that brings together theory and practice in media studies. With a comprehensive framework, it is open for paper submissions in a wide range of scholarly and creative fields. Focusing on Digitalization and Visual Studies, the symposium aims to include original research in any discipline that engage with visuality, including art, design, aesthetics, sociology, philosophy, ethnography, anthropology, culture and media studies, documentary film, photography, information technology, education, communication studies and other fields that involve image-based productions. Along with scholarly researchers, artists, curators, designers, cinema and media professionals, and other experts who work on the application of digital technologies in creative processes are also invited to share their recent research and projects, working processes, case studies, fieldwork and experiences. Apart from scholarly paper formats, the symposium is also open for creative presentation formats that would best suit to the presented content. The papers may address visual studies in relation to, but not limited to, the topics below:  
-    Media in the digital era
-    Digital visual culture
-    Visual anthropology
-    Visual semiotics
-    Visual storytelling
-    Visual culture 
-    Visual architecture 
-    Visual literacy
-    Visual sociology and cinema
-    Visual history
-    Image aesthetics 
-    Visual language and codes
-    Biopolitics
-    Image reproduction
-    Surveillance, power and gaze
-    Computational art and design 
-    Visual communication on Web 3.0
-    Methods of analysis for media products
-    Political economy of media
-    Metaverse and visual architecture
-    Art and design by NFT technology
-    Neuromarketing
-    Neurodesign
-    Political economy of design
-    Social memory and image
-    Artificial intelligence, communication, art and design